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you about last night. the high-tech system is designed to automatically slow bart trains during a sizeable quake. u.s. seismologists say we are already behind other countries. >> right now in japan they have developed an early warning system. we are behind them already. >> reporter: a fully operational system would cost about $150 million. no word on an outcome today. >>> 10 and 11-year-olds paid a bounty for big hit. the action that's being taken. >>> and i'm back here in just a couple of minutes. i've got your weekend forecast and it promises to be a warm one. >>> and in just 8 minutes we will introduce you to a dear oÑ our nation's future depends on what we do today to prepare our young people for productive and fulfilling lives. all of us need to get involved to help kids stay focused and stay in school. we must become a nation of graduates. one way for you to help is to volunteer as a mentor. think of a mentor as a guide, someone who is there to listen, to offer encouragement and to help a young person stay on the path to success. each of our children has hopes and dreams
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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